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ThriveThemes Plugin Package v2.4.1.2

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Automatic image compression and an emphasis on lean, lightweight code that goes all the way from the design to the features in the themes make Thrive Themes the fastest, most speed-optimized themes available anywhere.
Add targeted Focus Areas that show the offers most relevant to your visitors. Result: you get more clicks, more sales. Or use the built-in opt-in feature to grow your mailing list faster than ever.

Plugin :
Thrive Quiz Builder v2.2.2.2
Thrive Clever Widgets v1.43
Thrive Headline Optimizer v1.1.28
Thrive Optimize Plugin v1.2.7
Thrive Comments Plugin v1.2.8
Thrive Leads v2.2.2.2
Thrive Apprentice Plugin v2.2.0
Thrive Ovation v2.1.9
Thrive Ultimatum v2.2.1.2
Thrive Visual Editor / Architect v2.4.1.2


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